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Race and the Enlightenment: A Reader

Race and the Enlightenment: A Reader - Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze Thanks to an excerpt from Hegel's "Geographical Basis of World History," I now know that the reasons Africans have lived in unthinking savagery while Europeans were busy pursuing higher spiritual interests is that it's, like, really hot in Africa. I mean way hot, I'm serious, the Africans are obviously all too 'oppressed by nature' to assert their spiritual freedom. Besides, how do you expect your self-consciousness to be able to achieve free movement and to reach the 'degree of richness which is both the precondition and source of a fully developed mastery of reality' when 'eating human flesh is quite compatible with the African principles.' No time to assert your will and progress to your ultimate existence with all that business going on. Also, people from Lappland are worthless because it's really cold there.

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