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Hyperion (Hyperion, #1) - Dan Simmons I liked Simmons' take on time and space, especially the geopolitics and social implications of relativity. Some of my quibbles with this book might be due to the fact that I listened to the audiobook, which had uneven narration (why doesn't Steven Pacey read every book ever?). The thing that I disliked the most was the stiffness of the language, which seems overly formal or not suited towards the first-person and personal narration that the framing device requires. For example, oral accounts of action sequences are relayed in bizarrely specific detail (esp in the Soldier and Detective chapters):"Queue got the first blow in, feinting a straight-fingered jab with his left hand and coming up and around with a swinging kick instead. I ducked but he connected solidly enough to make my left shoulder and upper arm go numb. Queue danced backward. I followed. He swung a close-fisted right-handed punch. I blocked it. He chopped with his left hand. I blocked with my right forearm. Queue danced back, whirled, and unleashed a left-footed kick. I ducked, caught his leg as it passed over, and dumped him on the sand. Queue jumped up. I knocked him down with a short left hook. He rolled away and scrambled to his knees. I kicked him behind his left ear, pulling the blow enough to leave him conscious."It did not make me feel like I was on the Sea of Grass listening to a detective tell me why she was with me on Hyperion. But by the end I was interested in listening to book two! And here I go!

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